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Cantor rejects notion that he is hiding from his opposition

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Election 2010 appears to be one of the most important of Rep. Eric Cantor‘s political career.  The local Congressman has been one of the lead architects in the GOP resurgence that is on track to retake the House of Representatives and  by extension make Cantor the 2nd most powerful member of Congress.

But while Cantor has been rallying Republican troops around the country, his own re-election has inflicted a bit of damage on his local persona.

There is a perception that the Congressman hasn’t not been very accessible during his campaign.  Cantor’s opponents Democrat Rick Waugh and Tea Party candidate Floyd Bayne have complained about Cantor’s unwillingness to stand with them and debate the issues. Both have used unconventional means to get the Congressman’s attention.  Waugh has sent a man dressed in a chicken suit to interrupt Cantor events. Bayne confronted Cantor at a recent book signing with a video camera in tow.   Of course, all of these incidents get captured on YouTube.

But while those confrontations did not amount too much, one incident attracted national news. A supporter of Waugh, Jon Taylor attempted to attend an event advertised by the Cantor campaign as “open to the public”.  Depending on which perspective you read, Taylor was either minding his own business or causing a disturbance.  Regardless he was asked to leave and refused and was eventually arrested. His arrest, which he resisted, was caught on camera by his son and has now received over 50 thousand views on YouTube.

The series of conflicts at Cantor events led well-known Bacon’s Rebellion blogger and respected journalist Peter Galuszka to say that Republican “has a tendency to surround himself with layers of defense.”  Galuzka’s column was cross-posted on the Washington Post’s  “All Opinions Are Local” page.

Monday on NBC12 First at 4, Cantor flatly rejected that claim.

“We’ve had,  a series of events where there have been people of all political persuasions and ideologies that have come,” said Cantor  “(It’s) about trying to make sure the voters understand where I am, where my voting record is.”

And when I pressed him about the lack of access and specifically about the incident in Louisa, Cantor claimed that was an isolated occurence and that Democrats and Independents are always welcome at his events.

“I think what had happened there was there was an individual intent on violating the law, and that’s why the law enforcement took the action they did,” Cantor said.  “It wasn’t anything on the part of our campaign, but, you know, again, we’re always open for folks who want to come and, you know, participate in the discussion.”

Cantor went on to say, that his role in the national debate make him a known quantity.  If a voter wanted to know where he stands on an issue, its not hard to find out.

“I’ve been in the middle of the national debate leading the opposition to the  Obama agenda, whether it’s the Healthcare bill or whether it’s Cap and Trade bill, the Card Check Measure,” said Cantor.  “I think my positions are fairly well known and we’re continuing, though, to talk to people about the problems they face and how we can find a better way.”

You can see the complete interview with Rep. Cantor below. The full transcript is available on NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 1, 2010 at 7:52 pm

3 Responses

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  1. Cantor is right, his positions are well known. Take the money of the government when they are in control of the nations money pend, spend, spend when the Republicans are in control of the country, for example starting two corrupt wars, use private companies that high level party members (ex. Cheney) have interests in, give them lucrative contracts, let them over charge (i.e. Ripp the people off blatantly) the government for inferior services (Haliburton), unnecessary pork/earmarks i.e. Cantor lobbying for the Rolls Royce jet engine factory in Randy Forbes district that the Pentagon doesn’t want, though Cantor won’t take earmarks for his own district but will vote for EVERY other Republicans pork and not support an all out ban on earmarks, support the deregulation to get rid of excessive government regulations (ex.Massey Coal mining Company, BP and Haliburtons gross negligence regarding the Deepwater Horizon, Gulf disaster, Blackwater,voting for TARP twice which allowed banks to be given billions of dollars such as the less than $300 million his wife’s former Bank received, allow the issuance of balloon mortgages to under qualified borrowers, banks that participate in risky investments, cook the books, allow for you and your friends to make immense profits from all of the above to take the balanced budget Bush inherited to record breaking Trillion dlars debt, give money to corrupt Iraqi and Afghani politicians and war lords, vote to KILL Medicare and Medicaid, wanting to kill GM and Chrysler, vote against raising the minimum wage repeatedly, spend your entire career picking up checks at parties in DC, NYC and California, writing a book during the worst financial crisis since the depression, having a job fair that was discovered to have NO actual jobs, during the hottest days in this past summer with hundreds of people lines around the school, dressed in their best, voting against unemployment extensions, being too busy with your joke of a book around the country while saying you are too busy to debate your opponents, suggesting that financial and military aid to Israel be separated from other countries whose


    November 2, 2010 at 2:38 am

  2. Separating the aid of Israel from that of other nations so the Republicans can cut all foreign aid except for Israel.

    Cantor who has a Masters Degree from Columbia University in New York city in Real Estate and Finance has been deeply involved with the bankrupting of this country since He and Gerirge W. Bush got elected to be our federal representatives starting 10 years ago.

    Now after not giving his constituents an opportunity to defend his record due to him promoting his book nationwide, appearing on talk shows like the John Stewart show, and campaigning for other Republicans all across the country. Cantor you are a chicken, a discrace, and I am ashamed to have you as my congressman! Tomorrow I’m voting for Rick Waugh to end your decade long spree of looting, ruining and bankrupting the country.

    Cantor’s failures over the last 10 years should be dealt with as


    November 2, 2010 at 2:57 am

  3. […] D- Rick Waugh R- Eric Cantor* I- Floyd […]

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