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Decision 2010 has arrived

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Election day 2010 has arrived. The federal midterm elections are never as important in Virginia as they are in the rest of the country. The Commonwealth elects its state based offices on opposite years of the federal elections. But regardless, today still carries tremendous weight, because all 11 of Virginia’s seats in the House of Representatives is up for a vote. Several of them are among the hottest races in the country, and because Virginia is one of the first states to close its polls, it may provide some clue to the rest of the country as to how the night will progress.

We have complete coverage tonight on NBC12 News. NBC is carrying a special two-hour Decision 2010 special and within that broadcast we will have local updates on how the local races look. In addition we will have the local results continuously scrolling along the bottom of your screen.

NBC12’s live crews will be spread across the region to bring you immediate reaction from the winners and losers:

*Andy Jenks will be live in Short Pump, where Rep. Eric Cantor will watch the results. Results that could lead to him becoming the presumptive Majority Leader in the House of Representatives.

*Rachel DePompa will be in Charlottesville covering one of the most watched races in the country. She will be there when Rep. Tom Perriello finds out if he was able to hold on to his seat.

*Tara Morgan will travel to Chatham to cover State Senator Robert Hurt‘s bid to unseat Perriello.

*Nicole Bell will cover the interesting developments in Petersburg. One of the few local races of interest. Longtime Mayor Anne Mickens is trying to hold her seat through and unconventional write-in campaign.

*I will be live in the studio with Curt Autry and Sabrina Squire. As we watch the returns, I will put Virginia’s results into context of the national picture on how our local races could impact the rest of the country.

*University of Richmond professor, Dr. Dan Palazzolo will have analysis of what we learn throughout the night.

If you are still unsure who to vote for, here is a look back at our “Meet the Candidates” series, which featured live interviews with the candidates in all of the Congressional candidates in the NBC12 viewing area:

D- Krystal Ball
R- Rob Wittman*

D- Bobby Scott*
R- Chuck Smith
L- James Quigley
IG- John D. Kelly (Did not appear)

D- Dr. Wynne LeGrow
R- Randy Forbes*

D- Tom Perriello*
R- Robert Hurt (did not appear)
I- Jeff Clark (did not appear)

D- Rick Waugh
R- Eric Cantor*
I- Floyd Bayne

*denotes incumbent

In addition to the candidates running for office. There are also three proposed amendments to the Virginia constitution. You can get a full rundown of what to expect on NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 2, 2010 at 9:48 am

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