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The view from the ground

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All day long, I’ll be posting what people are seeing via tweets from the field. Tell me what you are seeing by sending me a tweet: twitter.com/ryanobles. I will also post tweets from our NBC12 team covering the election. (Click on the tweets to see what time they were posted)

Here is the view from my location around 11:20 this morning in the 7th Congressional district. A slow but steady crowd. I was voter number 622.

And here are tweets from people across Central Virginia:

@KatieOKLU– at 7am this morning there was a steady line of people going into the Harrison Precinct in Disputanta

@Tara_Morgan– Pittsylvania courthouse  (Where Robert Hurt will be tonight)

@VirginiaDem– in Fredericksburg area by 1pm 22% of the registered voters had made it to the polls

@Tara_Morgan–  I love the 70’s and 80’s hour on WFLO, good times! We’re near Halifax at the Short Stop on our way to Chatham!

@KingsJQueenE– Almost empty at Five Forks in Chesterfield.

@austinrharris– I voted at 6:30am this morning… There were about 10 poll workers there but I was the only person actually voting.

@TracyTraffic– I just voted.

@kenstevens– a very quite morning at the Hungary Springs voting area. Very well organized.

@AndyJenksNBC12– Most amusing part of Election Day so far: Seeing volunteer look up at @BobMcDonnell and ask, “Name?”

@JerryVarner– I saw exceptionally nice senior citizens and the wheels of freedom turning!

@mrbeefy – Very light traffic at Precinct 309 – Imperial Plaza.

@GeneCoxNBC12– I chose to vote, but my choices were sadly limited. What’s happening to us?

@lindagt -VERY empty at my polling place. Signs in my neighborhood for Cantor but he’s not on my ballot….

@captainnatepalm – things were pretty quiet in Goochland courthouse at 8, but apparently it was packed at opening time

@AndyJenksNBC12– Not to go all “crotchety-old-man” on you, but when I was in school, they never let us stay home on Election Day.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 2, 2010 at 10:27 am

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