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Scott’s claim on Bush Tax Cuts ruled “false”

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This week it is Rep. Bobby Scott who is put under the microscope by Politifact Virginia.  On numerous occassions, Rep. Scott made the claim  that allowing the Bush era tax cuts to expire would come close to eliminating the federal budget deficit in 4 years. 

In the Richmond Times- Dispatch voter guide, Scott wrote: “Extending the Bush tax cuts will add $3.6 trillion to the national debt. If all of the tax cuts expire on schedule, the budget will be close to being balanced in 4 years.”

He made a similar statement on NBC12 First at 4 during our “Meet the Candidates” interviews.

“Let the tax cuts expire. While we’re in a recession, use the money to create jobs. You can be in balance and close to balance in 4 years,” he said.  

According to the Times-Dispatch PolitiFact team, that statement is FALSE.

Our PolitiFact Virginia Report from NBC12 can be seen below. The full story can be found at PolitiFactVirginia.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 5, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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