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Cantor to play key role in decision to resume activity in Congress

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Henrico Congressman Eric Cantor is getting his first early test. He will be among a select few leaders in the U.S. Congress who will decide when lawmakers get back to work.

Much of the day to day work in the Majority Leader’s office can be mundane when it comes to scheduling floor activity. The decision to get back to work in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, AZ will require a deft, bi-partisan solution. Especially when the legislation on tap includes the highly controversial debate over repealing the health care reform law.

Cantor did not give many specifics when he spoke today at his office at the Innsbrook Office complex. He, like many of his Congressional colleagues, seems to be in a state of shock over the shootings.

Here is my report from NBC12.

Washington, D.C. (WWBT) – Although the tragedy in Tucson happened thousands of miles away, it is impacting the entire country. The U.S. Congress is at a standstill while leaders attempt to figure out what their next step should be.

When asked, just about every member of congress says they want to get back to work “as soon as possible”.  But no one can seem to give a firm idea as to when things on Capitol Hill will get back to normal.

It is as if someone hit the pause button on Washington, D.C.  Members of congress and their staff are still reeling from several of their own being gunned down.

“Obviously all of us are very shaken by this,” said Henrico Congressman Eric Cantor. “The country has been shaken.”

..read and see the full story on NBC12.com

An extended clip from Congressman Cantor’s remarks can be seen below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 10, 2011 at 7:08 pm

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