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Radtke to speak at U.S. Senate Tea Party Caucus event

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The only announced candidate for the U.S. Senate in Virginia, Jamie Radtke will get her chance to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people she hopes to soon call colleagues.   Radtke will speak at an event put on by the newly formed U.S. Senate ‘Tea Party Caucus”.

The caucus, established by Tea Party favorite, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-South Carolina) will discuss holding the line on the debt ceiling and controlling spending in Washington. Right now the caucus is made up of DeMint, Kentucky’s Rand Paul and Utah’s Mike Lee.  Paul and Lee won their races based largely on strong Tea Party support in Republican primaries. Their support from DeMint in particular, went a long way to making their bids legitimate in the eyes of Tea Party advocates. (The group, at this point, lacks the participation of Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and rising conservative rock star Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida).

That is what makes this appearance by Radtke so interesting.  Radtke told me today that she was invited to participate by Senator Paul, but would not say if any of the sitting Senators would be willing to endorse her primary campaign.  While Radtke is the only announced candidate, former Senator George Allen is expected to officially announce his run any day. (Allen is basically already campaigning right now, traveling around Virginia with the Americans For Prosperity group)

If Radtke were to score an endorsement from a sitting U.S. Senator, particularly one from Jim DeMint, a former colleague of Allen, her role in the race would be taken to the next level.  (It is important to point out that DeMint has not even hinted at endorsing Radtke.)

Radtke, like pretty much everyone else paying attention to this race, knows it is only a matter of time before Allen makes it official. She spent this week challenging the GOP heavyweight to a series of forums around the state and questioning Allen’s conservative principles. A challenge Allen did his best to avoid.

The Chesterfield resident, Radtke makes her debut on Capitol Hill a week from Thursday (1/27).  By that time, George Allen may have officially decided if he wants in.


Written by Ryan Nobles

January 19, 2011 at 7:19 pm

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