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Obama on Kaine: “I want to hear what he wants to do”

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I just finished my exclusive one on one interview with President Barack Obama. We are currently in the White House Press Briefing room reviewing the material.

One big issue we covered with the President is the future of Virginia’s senate seat that is soon to be vacated by Jim Webb.  No Democrat has been willing to offer themselves up as a candidate for the office, in part because former Governor and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine has not decided what he wants to do.

Much of the speculation is that is is the President, a close friend of Kaine’s and the person who hand picks the DNC Chairman, will decide for Kaine if he will run.

In our interview Mr. Obama said the decision is up to Kaine.

“I want to hear what he wants to do,” Obama said. “I think he would be a great Senator from Virginia if he chose to do that.”

The President seemed to deflect the notion that Kaine serves at his wit and whim and whatever Obama says goes.

“As good of a friend as he is of mine, his less concerned about serving me, he is more concerned about serving the American people and the people of Virginia,” said Obama.

Based on news reports that leaked after our conversation it seems that the President and the former Governor have already had that conversation. If what the president said is true, it seems this decision will be all up to Kaine.

UPDATE: Here is the clip from our exclusive interview:


Written by Ryan Nobles

February 16, 2011 at 9:26 pm

NBC12 Exclusive: one on one with President Barack Obama

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I try very hard in my reporting not to throw around the word “exclusive” because in this day of 24 hour news, the term has gotten a bit overused. However, I think the interview we have scheduled today warrants that description.

NBC12 is among a small group of local television stations to be granted an opportunity to interview President Barack Obama, one on one. Our interview with the President is scheduled to take place this afternoon (Wednesday) at the White House.

This will be my second time interviewing Mister Obama. The first time, however he was not the president. I interviewed him very briefly during a campaign stop in Lynchburg, VA in 2008.

This time our interview will be a bit longer and will be conducted at the White House. There are no restrictions on what we can ask the Commander-in-Chief, but the interview will focus mainly on his newly released budget for 2012 and its impact on Virginia and specifically Richmond.

We will have a preview of what the President said shortly after the interview concludes on my and NBC12‘s facebook pages. Then tonight on NBC12 News at 11, we will have a complete recap of our conversation, live from Washington.

Thursday, I will join the NBC12 News morning show to discuss what we talked with the President about and then Thursday night at 11, we will broadcast an NBC12 News Special Report on the interview and it will include responses from high ranking Virginia Republicans.

We want to know what you would ask the President if given the opportunity.

Weigh in on my facebook page or send me a note on twitter.

We will have more throughout the day. Keep checking back.

Written by Ryan Nobles

February 16, 2011 at 10:04 am

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