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As the House de-funds Planned Parenthood, Obama defends group

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Abortion is never an easy issue for any politician and Barack Obama is no exception. While the President has a consistently reliable pro-choice political record, he never wants to spend too much time on the issue. Such was the case when we asked him about the controversial sting, by the conservative group LiveAction on a Richmond clinic.

The President deflected the premise of the question, instead trying to focus on the things he believes most Americans care about (jobs, the economy, etc.) But he wasn’t afraid to defend the work of Planned Parenthood at the same time.

Fast forward to today (Friday). After a lengthy and passionate debate, the Republican led House of Representatives voted to de-fund all of Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding. It is important to note that the Federal Government does not provide taxpayer assistance for abortions of any kind. However, pro-life politicians have often believed abortion providers should not receive taxpayer funding for any other services as well.

Here is my story on the House vote and how it pertains to  President Obama’s position from NBC12:

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – It is a major development in Washington, The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to completely de-fund Planned Parenthood. Momentum in the fight to strip the organization’s funding came after an activist group went into a local clinic and captured allegedly damning video.

Earlier this week NBC12 asked President Barack Obama if the video warranted a review of Planned Parenthood’s funding. Funding which is now in danger.

It started at a clinic in Richmond, and ended on the floor of House. In an unprecedented vote, lawmakers passed a continuing resolution to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Pro-life politicians have often gone after the abortion provider, while pro-choice politicians like President Obama have rushed to its defense. In our exclusive interview, the President deflected the impact of the video sting.

“I think sometimes these issues get manufactured,” he said “they get a lot of attention in the blogosphere.”

..you can read the full story on NBC12.com

President Obama’s complete statement on Planned Parenthood can be seen below:

Meanwhile, LiveAction president Lila Rose released the following statement in response to what President Obama had to say. You can see that after the jump:

“President Obama’s ties to Planned Parenthood – which supported his election – have evidently blinded him to the growing problem of the sex trafficking of underage girls in this country and Planned Parenthood’s willingness to aid and abet these sex traffickers.  Fittingly, the House of Representatives today voted to defund Planned Parenthood – sending a message to the President about his budget and the economy. The footage shows a clear pattern in Virginia and other states where Planned Parenthood is all too willing to lend a helping hand to self-identified sex traffickers with no questions asked.”

-Lila Rose, President, LiveAction

Written by Ryan Nobles

February 18, 2011 at 6:59 pm

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  1. What we really need is to redefine what qualifies as a, “non-profit” group, as well as to strictly limit where state and federal dollars can be spent, with respect to these non-profits.

    If Planned Parenthood really wanted to reduce unplanned pregnancies, they would have created a financial incentive for unemployed and/or at risk women to use the norplant or similar type, implantable contraceptive.

    If Republicans were really interested in reducing the welfare roles, they would fully fund programs that would provide contraception and incentives to use the devices among the least productive and/or at risk, women.

    When it comes down to the abortion issue, the religious reich, likes to claim that all life is precious, but those same people NEVER want to pay for social welfare programs. they are also first in line calling for state sponsored murder in the form of the so-called, death penalty.

    Either fund contraceptives and incentives for their use, including some limited levels of abortion funding, or get ready to pay for a tidal wave of dirt bags added to the welfare roles in the coming years.

    This is just an issue of pay now or pay later. Pay now, Virginia.

    J. Tyler Ballance

    February 20, 2011 at 12:05 am

  2. […] has been beating back Republican attempts to defund Planned Parenthood in recent months. When he took office, he […]

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