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Kaine defends Libyan policy, opens door to tax hikes

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It was a campaign that he said he didn’t want, but former Governor Tim Kaine has settled in comfortably into the race to replace Sen. Jim Webb in Washington.

Kaine joined me for an extensive conversation on the U.S. Senate race Tuesday on NBC12 First at 4.

For a man who once dithered on getting in, Kaine assured his supporters that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to win the seat.

“I never do anything unless I do it all in,” he said. “and I’m all in to win this race.”

Kaine has spent the bulk of the past three years as the chief cheerleader for President Barack Obama as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. But while he was an unabashed supporter of Obama’s policies during his time at the DNC,  Kaine is now slowly working his way back to the middle. A prime example is his support of the deficit reduction plan promoted by a bi-partisan group of Senators referred to as the “gang of 6.” A plan that balances both spending cuts and tax increases.

“It’s going to take a while to get back to the flight path that works,” Kaine said. “I’m supporting (an) effort..to look at all options. Dramatic reductions in expenses, but revenues, as well.”

Kaine’s experience is completely from the domestic prospective, a far cry from the man he is hoping to replace. Jim Webb is a Senate leader on foreign policy matters.  According to Kaine, President Obama has taken the right course in the Libyan conflict, even though the U.S. has not appeared to be the nation leading the charge.

“It’s not up to us to be the police force,” said Kaine.  “But on a humanitarian mission like this, we should join with other nations”.

Many believe this Senate race, which could end up pitting two Virginia political titans in a race for the ages, could get ugly. The leading republican candidate, former Senator George Allen has won twice at the statewide level. However his last race, against Webb, ended in a loss after an embarrassing moment where he called a democratic campaign staffer a “macaca”.  Allen has worked hard to atone for the faux paux, but Kaine refused to take it off the table as a potential campaign tactic in 2012.

“We’re both going to be judged on what we’ve done and what we’ve said, and that’s fair,” he said.

Allen is currently in a primary with four other announced GOP candidates. Chesterfield Tea Party activist Jamie Radtke, attorney David McCormick, bishop E.W. Jackson and the newest entrant, Northern Virginia media entrepreneur Tim Donner.

You can see the entire interview with Governor Kaine below. The transcript is available on NBC12.com.


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  1. […] Kaine and his team are not willing to let the past be the past.  During another First at 4:00 interview Kaine said “We are both going to be judged on what we have done and what we’ve said.. And that […]

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