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Cantor asks Weiner to “spare us”

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Henrico Congressman Eric Cantor, the second most powerful member of the House of Representatives called for New York Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign.  Weiner is facing pressure to step down from many places after admitting that he had conducting several inappropriate internet relationships with women who were not his wife.

Cantor said that Weiner and his constituents will decide his ultimate future, but in his mind the best way for Congress to move past the mess is for Weiner to go away.

“We have a lot of really important issues that we’re trying to solve in this country and up in congress. And, you know, this really isn’t one of them,” said Cantor in a live interview on NBC12 First at 4.  “I don’t condone his activity and I think he should resign.”

Weiner has said that he plans to stay in office.  Cantor believes sticking to that plan will just prolong the agony.

“I just think he should spare us,” Cantor said.  “Listen, we’ve all now seen for days this go on and there’s too many other things really that I think the people of this country are expecting congress to do and we’ve got a lot of work and I just hope we can focus on what’s important.

And for Cantor that means focusing on job creation. The recent unemployment numbers has many Americans discouraged. Even though polls show little faith in both the White House and Congressional Republicans, Cantor believes he has a plan that can work.

“Washington has got a spending problem, it doesn’t have a revenue problem-we have to make sure we’re creating an environment for entrepreneurs to jump back in the game and there shouldn’t be any talk of raising taxes,” he said.

You can see the details behind the Cantor job growth plan by clicking here.

The full interview can be seen below. A transcript is available on NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 7, 2011 at 5:22 pm

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