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Donner hopes one clear alternative to Allen emerges

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Tim Donner understands the math.

Four “alternatives” to George Allen equals Allen sailing to victory in the Virginia republican primary for U.S. Senate.

“No question, the mathematics are such that one of us must emerge,” Donner said during a lengthy interview on Wednesday in Richmond.

Donner, who much like his other non-Allen GOP primary opponents,  found hope in other states that sent non- establishment picks into the Republican primaries of 2010.  Much of the success of candidates like Rand Paul in Kentucky and Ron Johnson in Wisconsin came through grass-roots activism and the presence of one clear alternative to the front-runner.

If the same scenario is to repeat itself in Virginia, the field will have to thin out.

“It is clear that a single challenger will to the establishment candidate George Allen will emerge in this race,” Donner said.

One year away from the primary vote, Donner feels confident that he will be that candidate. But as the vote gets close and if the field remains full, Donner is prepared to do what he has to so that the movement can coalesce around one candidate.

“I would hope that is the case, because that is the way I feel.” Donner said. “I will not do anything to impede the conservative movement,  and impede the movement of grass-roots conservatives.”

But Donner was quick to point out that before a ballot is cast, it might not be clear just who had the best shot at winning. He believes that in a primary, which traditionally draws a very low but engaged turnout, handicapping the field is difficult.

“It is a state of 8 million, but it is likely that 150 thousand or 200 thousand people will vote in this primary,” Donner said. “And funny things happen in primaries.”

You can see an extended clip of my interview with Tim Donner below.


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 29, 2011 at 9:52 pm

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