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Despite calls to withdraw, Geary will push on in Henrico CA race

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It is not often that one of the most powerful people in Washington, D.C. politics gets involved in a local race for Commonwealth’s Attorney. But in the structure of Henrico County GOP politics it became a necessity.

But even though Rep. Eric Cantor has called for Matt Geary, the embattled GOP nominee to step down. Geary has pledged to stay in the race.

Geary granted only one interview in the wake of an aggressive push by Republican leaders to get him to step down.  Wednesday on NBC12 First at 4, he revealed that he learned that Cantor was withdrawing his support from my twitter page. He said  “he understood”, why the Congressman broke the news in that fashion.  Cantor’s break comes after Henrico County GOP Executive Committee leaders asked him to step down on Monday.

In both cases, Geary, who is currently guaranteed a ballot position in the fall election, remains defiant.

“I don’t hope to win this race, Ryan,” he said. “I will win this race.”

Geary has had a rough couple of weeks. Party leaders raised questions about an extra-martial affair and questionable business deals.  Geary calls the questions about his business practices far-fetched, but admits to the affair. He told me he made a serious mistake and that he is trying to recoup his reputation and regain the trust of the people who once supported him.

“I disappointed several people, lots of people in fact, with the decision I made last year,” Geary said. He went to say, “I exercised poor judgement quite frankly.”

Up until this point, Geary has been unopposed and had a clear path to victory. Now Republican leaders are re-grouping, trying to determine if they should encourage another candidate to run as an independent.  Geary welcomes the challenge.

“I certainly don’t want an opponent, nobody running for office would want an opponent, But I am not concerned about it in the least, ” he said.  Adding that if another Republican wants to run that he or she would be forced to quit the party if they were elected by running as an Independent or Democrat.

And as he looks forward to another 3 months of scrutiny, Geary would not guarantee that there is nothing else from his past that could haunt his campaign again, but did say he wasn’t worried about any future revelation.

“The issue is, am I the person that is most qualified to be Henrico County Commonwealth’s Attorney?  and if you look at my record… I think I am the person to be the Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney.”

You can see the complete interview with Matt Geary below.

Congressman Cantor’s complete statement asking for Geary to step down is after the jump:


“The Commonwealth’s Attorney is responsible for making life changing decisions daily that affect the public safety of the county and is one of the very few offices that makes life and death decisions.  It is imperative that the people of Henrico have complete faith in the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s judgment and integrity.  The recent developments concerning Matthew Geary are very troubling.  I fully support the Henrico Republican Executive Committee’s unanimous decision to call for Mr. Geary to resign as the Republican nominee.  He should step down immediately and allow the Committee to find a candidate who can focus their full time and attention on the campaign and representing the people of Henrico County.”

-Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Henrico)


Written by Ryan Nobles

August 10, 2011 at 6:17 pm

2 Responses

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  1. […] on NBC12 First at 4, Geary told me that regardless of who decides to run, that he will continue his […]

  2. We all make mistakes, but the fact that he owned up to it is now between him and his family… Geary is the most qualified man for the job…. As for Cantor, he has enough on his plate with the U.S. that he doesn’t need to stick his nose in local places that it doesn’t belong… I believe we all have seen that Cantor is all talk, and when push comes to shove he is just another “yes man.”


    August 11, 2011 at 11:20 pm

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