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Janis wastes no time, goes after Geary on first day of campaign

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Del. Bill Janis (R-Henrico) had two ways that he could go in his opening day in the campaign for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney. He could choose to ignore the troubles facing his opponent, former Richmond Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Matt Geary, and run his own campaign or he could take the accusations against Geary head on and make it an important part of the race.

It is clear, he is choosing the latter.

“You can’t have a commonwealth’s attorney that goes around town that says pay backs are hell,” said Janis in a live interview on NBC12 First at 4.  “You can’t have a commonwealth’s attorney who says and does things that leads people to believe that he will use the power of the commonwealth’s attorney’s office to punish political enemies, settle old scores, or pursue personal vendettas.”

Matt Geary has flatly denied Janis and the GOP Executive Committee’s accusations. Especially the ones that emerged from a controversial record of the meeting that led to Geary losing the support of the party leaders. Geary claims the GOP’s version of that night is “fiction”.

Meanwhile Janis used those accusations to deflect from his own limited experience as a prosecutor. He claimed whatever advantage Geary may have in experience is lost with his temperament.

“You have to have a commonwealth’s attorney as someone of sound judgment, someone who’s got character that’s beyond question, and someone who is emotionally stable and is willing to make good decisions,” he said.

Janis has worked for several years as a defense attorney, but his only experience in a prosecutor’s office were short stints as an intern in Henrico and Albemarle Counties.  Geary meanwhile served as one of the top deputies in the Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Office.

“The commonwealth’s attorney is not just a super trial lawyer, they’re not just a person who tries criminal trials,” said Janis. “They are also a person who they certainly have to go to court and try cases, but he also have to manage an office that keeps the citizens of Henrico County safe.”

And with that the race for Henrico Commonwealth’s Attorney is underway.

You can see the entire interview with Del. Janis on NBC12.com.



Written by Ryan Nobles

August 17, 2011 at 9:07 pm

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