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Perry introduces himself to Virginia voters

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If he ends up the republican nominee, he could be back here often, so today Texas Governor Rick Perry worked hard to make a good first impression.

The current GOP frontrunner leveled most of his criticism at President Barack Obama, comparing his administration to a “Western European caretaker state” and emphasized his own success at cutting spending and creating jobs.

Perry also showered Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell with praise, but stopped short of discussing his credentials as a potential Vice Presidential running mate, something Mitt Romney,  was not afraid to do just a few months ago.

No doubt, Perry is the real deal, he drew a major crowd of GOP faithful and a huge contingent of  local and national press. Many of them not wanting to miss out on the chance to perhaps see the next president of the United States.

But Perry has a long way to go before he is handed the nomination.  I take a look at what he is up against in my report for NBC12:

RICHMOND (WWBT)-  If the republican nomination were decided today, he would probably be the man tapped to take on Barack Obama in the race for president. Texas Governor Rick Perry may be the leader in the polls, but there is still a lot of work to do be done before November of 2012.

More than 11 hundred members of the Virginia GOP dropped more than $50 each to hear Perry speak.

However they won’t be able to cast a ballot for him until next march.

We are more than a year away from the 2012 presidential election and several months before the first primary voters go to the polls, but Perry was already in full campaign form.

“This campaign is about freedom,” he said to loud cheers at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

And Perry felt free to list off his many accomplishments..

“I have helped to create a million jobs during my tenure as the governor of the state of Texas,” he said.

He also took subtle shots at his fellow republican competitors like former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

“Michael Dukakis created more jobs at three times the rate annually than what Mitt did when he was governor,” Perry said, during the post event press gaggle.

But his main and consistent criticism was aimed at one target…

See this story and read the rest of it on NBC12.com

Perry also held a brief press gaggle after this afternoon’s luncheon.  He answered questions on federal disaster assistance, illegal immigration, the HPV vaccine and his GOP opposition.  The full video can be found below:

Written by Ryan Nobles

September 14, 2011 at 6:06 pm

2 Responses

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  1. …if you take a couple steps back, squint your eyes just a bit, you can easily see President Bush while looking at Governor Perry…

    Bob Hayhurst

    September 18, 2011 at 8:32 am

  2. […] solid ties to Virginia. The Texas Governor is close friends with Governor Bob McDonnell and was enthusiastically welcomed to the Commonwealth shortly after he announced his intentions to run for president. He spoke to a […]

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