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Man arrested outside Cantor event convicted of trespassing

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

It took almost a year to the day, but officials in Louisa County have finally settled the case of a man arrested after causing a disturbance before an Eric Cantor campaign event at a local coffee shop.

In case you forgot about Jon Taylor, here is my story from last year.

And below is the raw video from the event (Which is approaching 55,000 views on YouTube)

Today,  Judge Timothy K. Sanner convicted Taylor of trespassing and was sentenced to a pretty light $100 fine.

Taylor was convicted in a lower court but he appealed his case to this Circuit Level where the conviction was upheld.

The case brought a degree of interest to Cantor’s 2010 re-election bid which was exceptionally uneventful.  At the time Cantor was accused of holding events that were designed only to encourage his supporters.  Democrats, like Taylor charged that Cantor was working to keep them away from him, so they couldn’t challenge his positions.

Cantor denied that charge in an interview with me the day before the election:

The full release on the Louisa County Circuit Court decision can be found after the jump:


Man Convicted of Trespassing at Cantor Event

-Man to pay fine for his behavior.

 Louisa – Today, Judge Timothy K. Sanner, convicted Jonathan Taylor of trespassing for his actions on the private property of another after being told to leave by the owner.  On October 25, 2010, Ray Minter hosted an event for Representative Eric Cantor (R) at his coffee shop.  When the owner asked the defendant to leave his shop the defendant refused to leave.  Under the law a person must leave the property of another when asked to leave.  The defendant was convicted of the offense in the lower trial court on February 2, 2011 but appealed is case to the Circuit Court who granted him a second trial and was again convicted of again following a three hour trial.

On speaking about the conviction Stephen Sharpe, who prosecuted the case, said “the Commonwealth is happy justice was served and that the private property rights of a Louisa business owner were upheld.”  The defendant was sentenced to pay a fine of $100.00.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 6, 2011 at 7:07 pm

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