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McDonnell invites Obama to tour Louisa quake damage

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Governor Bob McDonnell sent a letter to President Barack Obama today asking him to add a visit to Louisa County to his bus tour next week through Virginia and North Carolina.

McDonnell’s letter comes in the wake of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s decision to deny Louisa individual assistance to victims of this summer’s earthquake. As reported on Decision Virginia, many residents are dealing with damage in the tens of thousands of dollars. Damage that is not covered by insurance.

Former Virginia Democratic Chairman Paul Goldman wrote an essay encouraging the president to include a visit to Louisa and compared the potential public relations nightmare that could occur from the FEMA ruling to Hurricane Katrina.

In the letter McDonnell asks the president to visit Louisa so he can see the impact of the quake first hand.

“This additional stop in your previously scheduled tour will provide you the opportunity to meet citizens who were at the epicenter of the earthquake,” wrote McDonnell. “It would benefit your administration to understand the devastation brought on by this historic earthquake.”

I have an inquiry in to the White House to see if the governor’s request will compel the president to add a stop in Louisa.

*Update*  A White House Official told me on background that they have recieved the letter from Governor McDonnell and are in the process of reviewing its contents.


Written by Ryan Nobles

October 11, 2011 at 12:41 pm

2 Responses

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  1. I’m with Senator Warner, Governor McDonnell and Mr. Goldman on this issue. It would seem that if the President is going to be motoring by Louisa on the bus tour; he should stop. He should take the time to talk with some of the people who live in the area about the impact the earthquake has had their lives. While the earthquake was just a curious expierence for most of us; for the people in Mineral and Louisa county, it was life altering. The reality is; this is in President Obamas job decription. This is what Presidents do. While I wouldn’t want that scary black bus rumbling thru my neighborhood, I think the citizens of Louisa would welcome it…

    Bob Hayhurst

    October 12, 2011 at 9:46 am

  2. […] this week, Governor McDonnell formally invited the president to include Louisa County as part of his itinerary.  McDonnell’s request for […]

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