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Obama will not visit Louisa County

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Governor Bob McDonnell‘s office reports that President Barack Obama has declined and invitation to visit Louisa County when his bus tour travels throught North Carolina and Virginia next week. 

The White House has slowly released details about the president’s trip which will start in North Carolina on Monday  before traveling to Emporia and Hampton on Tuesday. The destinations for the third day of the trip are expected to be released today and could include portions of Central Virginia.

Earlier this week, Governor McDonnell formally invited the president to include Louisa County as part of his itinerary.  McDonnell’s request for individual assistance for victims of August’s earthquake was turned down by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). McDonnell is appealing and thought if the president was able to see the impact of the quake first hand, that it might implore him to encourage FEMA to reverse their decision.

In the last three months, Louisa residents have endured a once in a generation 5/8 magnitude earthquake, more than 40 measurable aftershocks, parts of Hurricane Irene and just yesterday the touchdown of a confirmed tornado.

McDonnell was informed of the president’s response to his invitation by FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate in a phone call Friday afternoon.  The governor was said to be very disappointed in the president’s response.

Here is the itinerary for the president’s trip next week as we know it:

Monday, October 17th– stops in Asheville, NC area, the Millers Creek, NC area, and overnight in the Greensboro, NC area.

Tuesday, October 18th– stops in Jamestown, NC,  Emporia, VA, and overnight in Hampton, VA.

Wednesday, October 19th- TBA

We will update you with more information when we get it. The full statement from the governor’s office can be found after the jump:


FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate called Governor McDonnell at approximately 2pm this afternoon.

He informed the Governor that the President will not be visiting Louisa County during his upcoming visit to the Commonwealth

The Governor is extremely disappointed in this decision.

The President will be in Virginia next week, and this is a region of the Commonwealth that is in need of appropriate federal assistance in a very trying time. The impacts of the August earthquake on Louisa County were severe. The Governor believes the President would have gained a valuable perspective on the matter by personally witnessing the damage, and hearing directly from residents.  Governor McDonnell continues to believe that federal assistance should be provided to Louisa County in order to help residents recover from the historic and damaging August earthquake. He will appeal FEMA’s prior decision to deny federal assistance. We will inform you when that appeal is formally filed.

On a related note, the Governor will be donating $5000 from his Opportunity Virginia PAC to the relief efforts underway in the county. He will donate $2500 to the Louisa Earthquake Recovery Fund which is designed to help homeowners with repairs to earthquake damaged houses, and $2500 to the Louisa County Public School Disaster Relief Fund. Secretary of Public Safety Marla Decker and Deputy Secretary of Public Safety John Buckovich will present the Governor’s donations at tonight’s “Louisa Cares” benefit at Louisa County Middle School.

J. Tucker Martin,  Director of Communications, Office of Governor Bob McDonnell


4 Responses

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  1. I am not surprised that Obama want tour Louisa earthquake victims. Obama don’t think they are important and his campaigning is more important. This is why Obama will not make the 2nd term as he thinks of himself. Obama will always and will be a JOKE to this country!


    October 14, 2011 at 4:33 pm

  2. …kudos to GovernorMcDonnell for helping the people of Louisa. It is exactly the kind of support/leadership the folks of Louisa/Mineral could use.

    I’m sorry to see President Obama bypass the voters of Louisa on the bus tour but I’m sure they’ll get over it. I imagine the next time anyone in Virginia remembers it will be November 2012…

    Bob Hayhurst

    October 14, 2011 at 9:22 pm

  3. President Obama,
    I voted for you, and I believe in you. Louisa, VA is my hometown. This is where I plan to raise my children. When you asked for our help, and you needed our votes, YES we did get as many friends as possible to come out to the polls. When you needed us to stand behind your decisions and to back your choices, YES we did pray for you and your strength. My church, Living Water Fellowship, was founded in Louisa Virginia, and every week, we take the time to pray for your family and their safety. We are only asking that you take an hour out of your campaign schedule to come and SEE the destruction that has been done in Louisa, Va. FEMA has denied us help, and now, THIS TIME, we need you. I sit here, with tears in my eyes writing this, because there has only been one time that I can say that I am disappointed in you, Mr. President. We know that you can talk the talk, now walk the walk…. show us that you care about every piece of this country, not just the cities and towns that bode well for your political agenda. Louisa, Virginia needs you. Please… Come…
    Patria L. Dunn

    Patria Dunn-Rowe

    October 17, 2011 at 9:32 am

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