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Warner worried about future of debt negotiations

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Senator Mark Warner chose to get out of Washington this week. The Congress is in recess, but the now infamous, “Super Committee” had yet to unveil its plans. Senator Warner wasn’t interested in hanging around to hear the outcome, especially because most everyone knew it wasn’t going to be good. We caught up with him at VCU a few hours before they announced they weren’t able to reach a deal.

Here is our report from NBC12:

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT) – Now that the super committee has failed, frustrated members of Congress are concerned about what happens next. One of them is Senator Mark Warner, who told us today if you think it looks bad now…it may only get worse.  

After nearly three months of squabbling behind closed doors, the 12 members of the bi-partisan super committee seem unable to come up with a plan that fixes the country’s debt problem. Virginia Senator Mark Warner believes it is because they are focused on the wrong things.  

“If either political party thinks they are going to have a partisan only win, then they are not talking to the same kind of Virginians and Americans that I am,” said Warner. 

Warner spent a good deal of time with his “Gang of 6” creating a bi-partisan plan before the super committee was established. Their ideas were tossed aside before they even finished. Now everyone is back where they started, with many under the impression the 2012 elections will offer new opportunities, Warner believes that won’t work.  

“None of this gets any easier after 2012,” he said. 

The hold-up continues to be over taxes. Democrats want more, republicans don’t want any. Even though Warner is willing open to compromise, he can’t envision a plan that works, without some new taxes.  

read and see the rest of the story on NBC12.com

Congressman Eric Cantor will be in Richmond tomorrow. We will get his take on the deficit reduction debate then.

Meanwhile, here is the full extended clip of Senator Warner’s press gaggle today. You can truly hear the frustration in his voice.

Here are some of his better quotes:

“If either political party thinks they are going to have a partisan only win.. then they are talking to the same kind of Virginians and Americans that I am.”

“The fact that there isn’t a greater sense of urgency in this country not only from the political leadership, but the business community to kind of just say ‘oh well, its just congress,’  that is stunning to me.”

“I guess I’ve been a politician longer than I’ve been a business guy and the whole business that punting on it is an appropriate action just kind of makes my head explode.”

“I’ve been very frustrated with some of the actions of the republican leadership, but on the other hand I’m sure they’ve been frustrated with some of the actions on the democratic side.”

“They report that there are 9% of Americans that still support Congress, I can’t find anyone in that 9%, I’m sure as heck not in that 9%.”

 “We have to do our job and restore confidence or as I’ve said I think the American people would be absolutley right in firing us all.”


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 21, 2011 at 10:47 pm

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