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DNC attacks Romney, defends Obama travel to swing states

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

In terms of political ad buys it wasn’t earth shattering. In a race that could end up spending more than $1 billion, $14,000 isn’t very much. But what the DNC chose to do with this ad buy speaks volumes. Of all the many candidates for president they could’ve picked, they chose to dust-up former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney

The DNC was on the attack today, but they were also forced to play a little defense. The Wall Street Journal released an analysis today that showed that President Obama has spent far more time in swing states than his predecessors up until this point in their presidencies. It is something that plays into the Republican National Committee’s narrative of Obama as the “campaigner in chief”.

While pundits are weighing in on what that all means, I look at the impact here in Virginia.

Here is my report from NBC12:

WASHINGTON, DC (WWBT)-  We are just 36 days away before the first voters go to the polls in the race for the republican nomination.

Monday, the Democratic National Committee put one of the candidates in their sites with a hard-hitting ad that aired in the Commonwealth.  Meanwhile, republicans are giving the president a hard time about his travel to swing states like Virginia.

There are several candidates vying for the republican nomination, but democrats seem only worried about one of them.

In a small, $14 thousand buy in targeted swing state markets like Virginia, democrats went after former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. A development his Virginia campaign chair Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling welcomed.

“I hope they keep running these attack ads against Governor Romney,” said Bolling.  “It shows a clear contrast.”

Democrats have played special attention to those swing states that could make or break 2012.

“The battleground states are the battleground states,” said DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse.

………….read and see the rest of the story on NBC12.com.

It was clear that with this small buy the DNC was hoping for major earned media hits, which they are certainly getting.  Speaking of the ad, it’s posted below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

November 29, 2011 at 12:13 am

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