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McDonnell: GOP voters still deciding between two characteristics

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Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell met the media today with the purpose of outlining his part of his legislative agenda for 2012.

Andy Jenks has more on the McDonnell agenda on NBC12.com.

McDonnell had a lot to say about jobs and the economy, but anytime a high-profile elected official holds a news conference the day after the first presidential caucus, expect political questions to come up, and they did.

The popular republican governor, presiding over a swing state continues to keep his preference for president a secret. He said he wasn’t surprised to see Minnesota Rep. Michelle Bachmann drop out of the race, but he said her exit shows how volatile the race has become.

“It shows how quickly things can change,” said McDonnell. “From winning the Straw Poll, to finishing last in the Iowa Caucus is a quite a fall in a short period of time.”

McDonnell believes the results show the internal struggle amongst the GOP faithful. He believes voters are having a hard time wading through their core beliefs and matching that with their desire to see President Barack Obama be forced out of office. The early volatility shows that those voters haven’t figured out which is more important to them.

“Those are two different traits,” he said. “They don’t often always combine into the same person, so I think that accounts for some of the ups and downs.”

And as the primary winds its way to Virginia, McDonnell stood firm with his stance that the Virginia primary ballot access laws need not be changed to allow the candidates who did not gather the required signatures to get on the ballot.

“Heck, I did it twice,” he said.  “It can’t be that hard.”

McDonnell did not shut the door on evaluating the policy going forward, but reiterated that the standard has been in place for sometime, and seems to work without too many problems.

“In the time I have been in office, which is going on 21 years, no credible candidate has ever had a hard time making the ballot,’ he later said. “If you want to be President of the United States, you ought to be able to get 10,000 signatures in Virginia.”

An extended clip from McDonnell’s remarks can be found below:

*Note: above photo courtesy of the Governor’s Office and Michaele White

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