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Cantor challenges president to support the GOP’s “bold” ideas

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Congressman Eric Cantor isn’t expecting much from tonight’s State of the Union.  In an interview Tuesday prior to the speech, Cantor made it clear that the Obama agenda has been unsuccessful and it is time for him to change course.

“It’s the president and Harry Reid who don’t necessarily share our view that have to change things,” he said.  “They want to keep going like we’ve always done.”

Cantor employed the use of one word numerous times in our interview and in various other interviews prior to the speech: “bold”.  The Henrico Congressman believes that best describes the difference between the House Republican agenda and the White House.

“We believe that we have some bold ideas for growth and for removing the onerous sort of red tape that strangles small business people,” he said. “We believe we have bold ideas to get the fiscal situation straight here in Washington, so we can see economic growth.”

Cantor is open to compromise on things like the tax code and reducing regulatory burdens on small business owners. But he made it clear, its time for the president to come to them.

“We should try to and deliever on some results for the American people and not just be about the election.”

Here is an extended clip from our interview:


Speaking of the presidential election, despite some reports, Cantor told me that he has not considered endorsing yet in the republican primary. But he did outline some of the characteristics he is looking for in a candidate. 

“There are and there is a need for bold ideas right now,” he said. “People want to believe in America again.”

While Cantor did not even open the door to putting his support behind one specific candidate, he was not afraid to say (not surprisngly) that it is time for President Obama to go.

“It’s time I think, for America to try something new,” he said. “And that is what this election is about.”

An clip from his answer on the presidential election is below:



Written by Ryan Nobles

January 24, 2012 at 9:26 pm

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