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Super Tuesday in Virginia

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Today is the biggest day in the Republican Presidential Primary contest, but unfortunately Virginia’s role is expected to be a minor one. With only Mitt Romney and Ron Paul on the ballot, Virginia was not really in play. None of the candidates made much of an effort to garner votes and as a result the focus will be on other states with closer contests and more delegates at stake.

However, that doesn’t mean the vote is not important. Virginia will still contribute 49 delegates to the eventual GOP nominee and the state is still one of the most important come the fall election. We will have complete coverage today on air and on-line. Including the latest returns when the polls close at 7pm.

Also.. today on NBC12 First at 4, we will talk live with DNC Chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Democrats are ready to put Virginia in play for November, wasting no time after the Virginia primary. President Barack Obama will visit the Central Virginia on Friday.

Update: In addition to Rep. Wasserman Schultz, I will also be joined by Virginia Victory Chairman Pete Snyder. Synder is a close ally of Governor McDonnell and rumored to be considering a run for statewide office in Virginia.

As always, I’ll be looking for your view of what is happening at your polling location. Send me your tweets @ryanobles or post your perspective on my facebook page. I’ll update what you are seeing throughout the day.

Our Tayleigh Davis was at a polling location in Church Hill from the time it opened at 6 am until 7 and did not see one voter. Church Hill is not a very GOP heavy area, but the fact that not one voter showed up to cast their ballot, could give us an idea as to how slow the turnout will be today.

The view from the ground: 

@PatrickSmithRVA  just voted at gordon elementary, was voter number 261. crazy low turnout today.

@MzInvestigator  I was # 125 to vote. That’s 80 people on my precinct since 1:00.

@BradfordAmbrose Just voted with my mom for the first time at the Dorey Park Precinct in Eastern Henrico. We were the only two voters in sight.

@bollach- at 9:42 I was the 47th in my precinct (Southampton Baptist serving Stratford Hills/Oxford/Cherokee).

@frashure  At 1:30 I was the 85th voter at my precinct in Prince George. That’s 0.004% of registered voters in the county.

@Joseph_Taylor: I was voter 16 at 8:30, one campaign worker for Paul/Bob Marshall outside. I voted for Ron Paul

@notashamed87: I voted at 7:40 in Mangohick. I was #7. #5, #6 and #8 were there, too. Polling lady said, “We’re having a rush!”

@MzInvestigator: my bf just voted at Beulah precinct in chesterfield. He was #48.

@taotetek: Just got back from the Battery Park polling place – no one else there but the workers, I was voter #8

@MCPollock: It was a very slow day, at about 8:30, only about 12 had voted at my precinct #204, I voted for @MittRomney

@blairmatfleet: I voted 4 #RonPaul in Hanover at about 10:30. I was the 51st vote at my precinct.


@AndyJenksNBC12: The media gathered at Main St. Station outnumber the actual number of voters (6) since the polls opened. http://t.co/cZNkQ1Hs

Kristen Bartholow Anderl Only 27 people so far at Providence Middle School by the time I voted at 815. It was a ghost town.

Jeff Dzado – I saw a whole lot of nothing at my polling place. The place was a ghost town except for the 3 or 5 workers.

@pjsykes- 6:30am about 7 people were working but I was the only one voting. I didn’t see any other voters leaving/arriving.


This morning I previewed what to expect from the Virginia primary on NBC12 News Today. You can see my chat with Gray Hall and Heather Sullivan below:

Written by Ryan Nobles

March 6, 2012 at 8:58 am

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  1. Americans are fortunate to have the right to vote – if Virginians truly value this privilege, our polls should be packed!! Regardless of your party affiliation, your vote matters!! Virginia has an open primary which affords every registere…d voter in Virginia the opportunity to exercise their right to vote, regardless of their party affiliation and it is in both party’s best interest to have all Virginians vote in this primary – the Democrats seeking to have Obama re-elected need to cast their vote for the candidate that they feel is least likely to defeat Obama in the Presidential Election and the Republicans seeking a candidate that is not on the Virginia ballot need to vote for whichever candidate they feel is least likely to acquire a greater number of delegates than their preferred candidate via the remaining primaries and those of us who still believe in liberty, equality and the right to self-determination will vote for Ron Paul :o)

    Christie Matlock

    March 6, 2012 at 5:52 pm

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