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Poll shows positive signs for Obama in Virginia

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By: Ryan Nobles – bio | email

President Barack Obama has made Virginia an important focus and it is paying off. A new poll from Quinnipiac shows Obama opening up his largest lead in the 2012 campaign. He is up 8 points.  The poll also revealed that Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell would have a negligible impact on the ultimate outcome of the race.

See the full poll on Quinnipiac’s web site

It is early, but the Obama campaign has to be thankful that their work leading to success.  Team Obama already has a great deal of paid staff on the ground and the president has made many visits to the commonwealth. Democrats also believe that their work drawing attention to controversial bills in the General Assembly on abortion and gun rights are having an impact. According to this poll, Obama leads Mitt Romney among women 52%-39%.

Of course it is very early and Romney paid no attention to Virginia during the GOP primary because of the lack of competition. He has almost no organized staff on the ground here and his only visits have been private fundraisers.  And it is also worth mentioning that he is not the official nominee quite yet.

I have more on what this poll means in the context of the 2012 race on NBC12.com.

RICHMOND (WWBT)-  The topsy-turvy Virginia political picture took another turn today, with a new poll that is filled with good news for President Obama.  It is just one poll, but democrats are very satisfied with what it says in many key areas that will be vital to the November election.

It is still a very close race, but it appears that President Obama’s intense focus on the commonwealth is starting to pay off.  A new poll conducted by Quinnipiac shows the Obama- Biden ticket with their largest lead in Virginia, 8 points over Mitt Romney.

Democrats credit the intense focus on social issues in the recent general assembly session as part of their success. They have coordinated on all levels to bring a bright focus to bills, sponsored by republicans impacting abortion and guns.

That may have pushed Obama to a 52%- 39% lead with women.

But republicans have yet to pick a candidate. While Romney is in the lead, The GOP nomination isn’t sealed. On CNN Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said the long primary is not a problem.

“He’s getting more and more endorsements from key people, conservatives, independents, moderates,” said McDonnell, Romney supporter.  “I think he’ll be the nominee and I think it will be by June.”

read and see the whole story on NBC12.com.


Written by Ryan Nobles

March 20, 2012 at 10:46 pm

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