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Priebus comes to Richmond as RNC kicks off anti-ObamaCare ad campaign

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 Just a few days after they launched a robo-call campaign targeting Virginia seniors, the Republican National Committee is back, this time launching a series of TV ads in Richmond attacking President Barack Obama on health care reform.

Chairman Reince Priebus came to Richmond Wednesday to talk about the impact Republicans believe the Affordable Care Act will have on Virginia. Priebus was joined by Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, VA Victory Chairman and potential candidate Pete Snyder, RPV Chair Pat Mullins and Dave Napier a Shockoe Bottom business owner.

The overwhelming impression that the GOP is hoping to leave is that the potential for a federal mandate may start with health care, it could lead to many other things.

“You’ve got Barack Obama who believes that government can be a European sized huge entity that can tell you what insurance to buy, what foods to eat, what you should wear,” Priebus said. “And we believe there has to come to end with this government overreach.”

But democrats aren’t shying away from their association with the program that republicans love to refer to as “ObamaCare”.  Richmond Del. Jennifer McClellan (D) said that her side is ready and willing to be on the side of health care reform.

“It has helped millions of americans and Virginians who have health insurance who otherwise wouldn’t,” said McClellan  “A lot of us are one illness away from being poor.”

It could be the issue that decides the election. We are a long way away from November but both sides seem prepared to draw a clear line between “for” and “against” and let the voters decide.

The RNC ad that is already running in the Richmond market can be found below.


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