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Obama to launch 2012 campaign in Richmond

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In case you needed even more proof, (and you shouldn’t) it became very clear the Obama 2012 campaign is making Virginia a high priority in their re-election bid.

The president, who has yet to make an official public campaign stop, will hop on the campaign trail for the first time in Columbus, Ohio and at the Seigel Center at VCU in Richmond.

President Obama coming to Richmond is no longer earth shattering news. He has made five official White House visit to the Central Virginia region since becoming presidents. This visit is different, because he will be a candidate and the points he generally talks around during his policy trips, he will be able to drive home and leave no doubt.

The president, who became the first democrat to win Virginia since LBJ, wants to make sure he wins again in 2012.

Here is my story for NBC12 on the announcement:

RICHMOND (WWBT)- President Barack Obama is no stranger to Central Virginia, but his next visit to Richmond will be much different. That is because the 2012 campaign is officially underway.

Saturday May 5th, the president will make his first two campaign stops in Columbus, Ohio and here in Richmond, Virginia, on the campus of VCU. Republicans have been very critical that the president has used the White House travel budget to visit swing states like Virginia to push his agenda, in fact today the RNC filed a formal complaint to that effect.

But, this trip will be paid for by his campaign, and he won’t mince words.

He wants your vote.

It was Barack Obama’s loyal volunteers, at his downtown Richmond headquarters who were the first to get the news.

“President Obama will be holding his very first campaign rallies in Columbus, Ohio and the Seigel Center in Richmond,’ said Obama For America Virginia Field Director Lise Clavel to cheers.

Of the many places the president could’ve picked for his first campaign rally, he chose two with enormous significance in November, Ohio and Virginia.

“It’s recognition that Virginia is a really important state in this election and that it is all up for grabs,” said Sai Iyer a VCU student who has the unique distinction of being the only student national co-chair for the Obama Campaign. He is excited the president is coming to the place where he will graduate from in just two weeks.

“I think it’s recognition that Richmond came out in a big way in 2008 and it is going to come out in a big way in 2012,” he said.

But republicans were quick to criticize the announcement and downplay its importance.

Governor Bob McDonnell, a Mitt Romney supporter and a potential vice presidential pick said that all the president is doing his bringing his “failed policies and broken promises to Virginia.”

read and see the rest of the story on NBC12.com…


The event will take place Saturday May 5th. The specific time of the event has not been released, but the doors to the Seigel Center will open at 1:45pm.

Official ticket distribution has not been revealed yet, but those eager to claim a spot can RSVP on the Obama Campaign web site. Keep in mind that reservation does require you to submit an e-mail address, which can than be used to solicit future campaign information.

The full response from Governor Bob McDonnell to the Obama visit can be found after the jump:



Boston, MA – Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell made the following statement on the announcement of President Obama’s upcoming campaign rally in Richmond, Virginia:

“In less than two weeks, President Obama will bring his failed policies and broken promises to Virginia. His policies have taken our country in the wrong direction, and Virginia and the rest of the nation can’t afford four more years of the same. Mitt Romney is a results-oriented conservative with a bold plan to create jobs, shrink government, and reduce our debt burden. When Virginians go to the polls in November, there will be a very clear choice: we can continue down the failed path that President Obama has taken the country, or we can choose Mitt Romney – a proven leader who will get our country on the right track.”

Written by Ryan Nobles

April 25, 2012 at 10:50 pm

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  1. I would like to RSVP a ticket for when President Obama comes to the Siegal Center in Richmond, Va on May 5, 2012.

    April Bacon

    April 26, 2012 at 6:05 am

  2. I have made a donation and will make another soon. I would like to RSVP a ticket for 5-5-12

    Donna S Love

    May 3, 2012 at 12:57 pm

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