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Buying A Voice: Priebus hammers campaign fianance laws

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There are many different groups already investing heavily in the 2012 election. The level of which they must be transparent with their receipts and transactions varies greatly. Among those under the most scrutiny are the national party committees. The RNC and the DNC must track virtually every penny that comes in and out of their organization.

The RNC recently purchased ad time in Virginia to release this ad that is critical of the Obama healthcare reform law:

I recently talked one on one with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus to get his take on campaign finance laws. His perspective my surprise you. Here is my full “Buying A Voice” report from NBC12:

RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)- The Republican National Committee (RNC) will be one of the biggest spenders in the fall elections, and they have already started spending on television ads in Virginia. One of those ads attacked President Obama’s healthcare reform law.

The ad aired in March in several key battleground states, like Virginia. The RNC’s Chairman Reince Priebus said ads like this cost big bucks, but they are necessary to winning elections.

“Keeping money out of politics is almost impossible,” Priebus said.

He would know, raising money is one of the core functions of the RNC, and the relatively new chairman has done well. The RNC raised $110 million in the last 15 months. Priebus has also helped to cut the RNCcs debt load to just over $11 million.

Every single dime that comes in and out is closely tracked by the federal election commission.

“Every stamp that we buy, every dollar that we send out, we disclose with specificity to the American people every month,” ie explained.

But the same can’t be said for the monster SuperPacs, who have been raising millions of dollars, with very little accountability. While many benefit right leaning causes, Priebus admits it’s a problem.

“I would agree that the campaign finance laws in this country are a complete disaster,” he said.  

But while many democrats argue that finance laws need to be tightened, the RNC chairman believes exactly the opposite.

“By putting up all these fences and all these walls that the legislature has tried to do over the years, it hasn’t made anything easier,” he said.  “It’s just made it more complicated.”

And while everyone agrees the cash is a problem, no one appears to have a solution.

We’ve posted the FEC report for the RNC so you can see for yourself where they are getting their money. You can see that information below.

See our report from NBC12:



Extended clips from Chairman Priebus can be seen here:



Here is where we got our information:

See the RNC’s Federal Elections Commissions report by clicking here.

The DNC’s Federal Elections Commissions report by clicking here.


Written by Ryan Nobles

May 2, 2012 at 6:00 pm

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