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The stage is set for November

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No big surprises on primary night 2012 in Virginia.

If you took the “under” in my 9% voter turnout prediction for voter turnout, you were safe when it comes to the Virginia Senate Race. Turnout came in right around 5%.

You would’ve lost if you took the “under” of 9% in the 7th Congressional District. Eric Cantor brought out a tad bit more than 9% in his primary battle with Tea Party candidate Floyd Bayne.

A couple of tid-bits from the night..

*Check out my twitter feed for a few of the stand out comments from the Cantor/Allen victory rally.

*Allen asked for all his primary opponents to come together after their “inter-squad” scrimmage. Jamie Radtke, who was far and away his closest challenger put out a facebook message to her supporters, but makes no mention of Allen.

*Tim Kaine took the opportunity to hammer Allen’s record during his time in the Senate. His campaign hosted a rally of their own tonight in Richmond as well.

*You can check out my full wrap on primary night on NBC12.com


Written by Ryan Nobles

June 12, 2012 at 11:23 pm

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