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Obama campaign unveils ad hitting Romney on taxes ahead of Virginia trip

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The Obama campaign is set to drop an ad in Virginia that contrasts the newly proposed tax plan by the White House against Mitt Romney‘s proposed plan.  The new ad is said to be a preview of the theme of the upcoming visit by the campaign to Virginia this weekend.

The ad will air in nine battleground states including Virginia.

It will be filling up your TV screen soon.. but here is a sneak peak right now:

OFA has also launched a companion web site to provide a degree of context.

“Mitt Romney wants to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy,” reads the web site.  “And add his own tax breaks for millionaires on top of it—without saying how he’d pay for it.

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus called the ad a typical Obama campaign tactic driven by their class warfare argument.  “Obama is in love with this rich vs. poor game that he loves to play,” Priebus told me. “Barack Obama is a smart guy. Even he knows that his retoric is a sham.”

Priebus said that Obama doesn’t even have the support of senate candidate Tim Kaine on extending the Bush tax cuts to people making $250 thousand and less and then allowing them to sunset on high earners. He said a plan like that would hammer “800 thousand” small business owners.

An extended clip from Priebus can be found below:


Written by Ryan Nobles

July 11, 2012 at 2:57 pm

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