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Obama launches mobile app

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App5It is a digital age and there are few campaigns as tech savvy as Obama for America. The president’s re-election team has taken that effort to new heights with the launch of a new mobile phone application that will put volunteer coordination and campaign spin in the hands of anyone interested.

“We designed our new app to help break down the distinction between online and offline organizing,” said Stephanie Cutter, the Deputy Campaign Manager. “Giving every supporter the same opportunities to get involved that they would find in a field office.”

App3The app is already available for iPhone on the Obama website. The site says that an andrioid version will be available soon. The app features simple navigation among 5 different tabs. Each tab offers an Obama supporter specific information about campaign activities and the candidate’s stance on the most important issues of the day. Within each category the app offers more options depending on what the voter is interested in. For instance on this “Issues” tab a prospective voter can get detailed information about the most talked about topics of the campaign. It also sets the record straight on what the campaign considers misconceptions about the Obama record.

App2For volunteers looking to get heavily involved in the campaign the app provides up to the minute information about canvassing opportunities, phone banks and other ways to get the vote out. Like most mobile apps, the software can determine your exact location. That feature allows the app to tailor GOTV efforts to wherever the user may be.

It also allows the person to RSVP to the events with one click.

The app though is not confined to itself. It syncs directly to a variety of social media and digital communication tools like facebook, twitter email and SMS.

Among the features the campaign is touting:

  • Find and RSVP for events using a full, detailed map that makes it easy to share with friends;
  • Connect to hotlines for reporting voting issues and abuse when we get near Election Day – a tool that will be especially helpful for people in states with new voter ID laws;
  • Join Dashboard, the campaign’s other cutting-edge organizing tool that connects folks neighborhood by neighborhood;
  • Access information on issues as they speak with voters, including localized information on how President Obama’s policies have benefited families in their state;
  • Canvass their neighborhood, entering feedback and responses in real time; and
  • Access direct links to donate to the campaign

Of course volunteer opportunities and campaign spin is helpful, but money drives the machine App4 and there is a place to contribute as well. One click of the donor button brings you to a page that can quickly accept your donation of just about any level.

The campaign is expected to go full launch with the application this week. They already have a page set up on their web site which includes a “how-to” video and links directly to the app store of your choice to download it directly to your phone.

The download is free.

The Romney campaign already has two mobile applications. One is designed to track the candidate’s search for a running mate the other is a photo app called “With Mitt“. The latter caused the campaign a bit of a problem a few weeks ago because one of the images on the app misspelled “America”.


Apparently when I came across the Romney VP app last night it hadn’t “officially” been launched. This morning several stories about it’s features are out as both campaigns battle for the mobile digital space.

Written by Ryan Nobles

July 31, 2012 at 6:00 am

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