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Live from the RPV convention

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The elephants have arrived in Richmond. Over the next two days Republicans from across Virginia will be here to formally nominate Bob McDonnell as their candidate for governor. In addition to McDonnell’s symbolic victory, there are a few down-ballot squabbles that threaten to overshadow his acceptance of the nomination.

I will be at the Richmond Convention Center Coliseum starting this afternoon as the festivities gavel in and will have complete coverage on NBC12 tonight and tomorrow. In addition I will be regularly updating Decision Virginia with the latest news and of course, will have plenty of updates on my Twitter page. (BTW- If you are following the action on Twitter check out these three hash tags, which event organizers are using for people attending the convention: #rpvc09 #rpvfun #rpvadmin)

Here are some of the things I will be looking for:

*How much national attention will Mitt Romney’s visit bring? It is no secret that Romney plans on running for President in 2012, so a high profile visit to a battleground like Virginia will only enhance his credentials. Romney is the third potential candidate for president that has come to the commonwealth on Bob McDonnell’s behalf. (Bobby Jindal and Mike Huckabee)

*Who will Republicans pick as their attorney general candidate? Democrats are itching to steal this seat, after 20 years of electoral disappointments. They are very high on Steve Shannon who is already off and running. The decision Republicans make this weekend will be crucial. Will it be the odds-on favorite Ken Cuccinelli? Both Dave Foster and John Brownlee have run competitive campaigns and are probably hoping their supporters coalesce after the first or second ballot. (If it makes it that far)

*Is Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling really in trouble? I asked this question a few days ago. Many people believe Bolling has nothing to worry about, however the portion of the vote Patrick Muldoon receives could speak to the rift the RPV has with its conservative wing and the party’s old guard.

*Who will be the new party chairman? Speaking of a rift…this is perhaps the biggest decision the delegates will make on Saturday. Will they put the Jeff Frederick era behind them and support Pat Mullins, the man virtually every elected official and party leader has put their support behind? Or will the conservative wing organize an insurgency that puts Frederick supporter Bill Stanley in charge and, in turn, present at least the appearance of instability leading into the general election?

So, just few things…plus speeches from Sean Hannity, George Allen, Jim Gilmore and Eric Cantor that could deliver a few prize nuggets.

I will try and stay on top of it all, so check back often!

Written by Ryan Nobles

May 29, 2009 at 11:35 am

Mullins raps Kaine as “part-time’ Governor

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Republican Party of Virginia chairman Pat Mullins is renewing his party’s call that Tim Kaine devote all of his energy to the job of Governor of Virginia. His statement comes in reaction to what the Governor (who also serves as the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee) said to the DNC executive committee at their meeting in Richmond last Friday.  

In case you missed it, here (in part) is what Kaine said:
“I am trying to juggle two pretty challenging jobs. As I shared with you in January, It is not an easy time to be a Governor. As I talk to Governor’s all across the country we all agree it is a tough, tough time to be a governor.”

Mullins said today that if he can’t handle both job of DNC chair and Governor he ought to pick one or the other:
“He simply cannot be a part-time governor when people are looking for full-time solutions. If Tim Kaine thinks his burdens are too great, he should pick one job to do and resign from the other.”

This is not a new attack by Republicans and for the most part it has not seemed to stick. This could be as much about attacking Governor Kaine as it is about stirring up grass roots support for Mullins, who faces a vote from the party faithful at the end of the month to hold on to his job as Chairman.

I re-posted the video from Governor’s Kaine statement from Friday to give you the chance to see for yourself what the Governor said.
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Written by Ryan Nobles

May 19, 2009 at 3:05 pm

Cantor on Gitmo and RPV Chair

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cantor Local Congressman Eric Cantor (who is fast becoming one of the chief voices of opposition to President Barack Obama) is working hard to prevent attempts to move enemy combatants, currently housed at Guantanamo Bay, to military prisons in Virginia.

Closing down Guantanamo was a campaign pledge for the President and he promised to make it a reality in the very early stages of his administration. Shutting the facility down isn’t the problem, it is what to do after that is making life difficult for Mr. Obama and his staff.

By closing Gitmo’s doors, the Federal Government is faced with the daunting proposition of what to do with the detainees held at the facility. It seems that every scenario creates a bigger problem. By releasing them to their home countries, you run the risk of letting them return to the activity that got them into the military prison to begin with. By housing them in U.S., you run the risk of creating new, in-country terrorist targets and will be forced to spend taxpayer dollars to fortify the the proposed installations.

This laundry list of problems has created an opportunity for Eric Cantor. Cantor has become very vocal in his opposition to any of the proposed solutions, citing the reasons above. Cantor has proposed legislation that would force the feds to receive approval from the governor and state legislatures of any state that could become home to these enemy combatants. That would effectively prevent any terror suspects from being brought to the U.S. because no politician would run the risk of approving a move that is bound to be unpopular.

However, Cantor and (no other politician for that matter) seems to have the solution. It has created a problem that will just continue to grow.

After the jump you watch the video from out story on this topic that aired on NBC12 Friday night. In addition, I have an extended clip from Rep. Cantor where he reveals that he is supporting Pat Mullins for Republican Party of Virginia Chair. You may recall that we broke the news a few weeks ago that Mr. Cantor was no longer supportive of Jeff Frederick as chairman.

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Written by Ryan Nobles

May 9, 2009 at 7:08 pm

Frederick leaving public life, Will not run for RPV Chair

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 Jeff Frederick just sent an e-mail  to his supporters, (headlined by the logo above) announcing his decision that he will not be among a group of candidates seeking the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Virginia. The news finally brings his brief and tumultuous tenure as the party leader to a close.

In addition to his decision to not seek the party chairmanship, Frederick also announced that he will not be seeking any public office in the near future. That includes his seat in the House of Delegates. Frederick stepped away from the seat as part of a pledge he made in his campaign for the party chairmanship. At one point his wife Amy was exploring the possibility of running, but backed out last week. Frederick probably missed an opportunity to run for the position anyway when he missed the filing deadline to run in a primary (although there are rumors that he was exploring what options were available to him). 

While the announcement officially takes Frederick out of the mix as a candidate and statewide political leader, it is by no means the end of his career. The brash former chairman is still very young and enjoys the support of many within the Republican Party. It is no secret that many party leaders were scared to death that he had the potential to mobilize the support necessary to pull off winning the chairmanship again at the upcoming Republican convention. 

In the e-mail, Frederick encourages his supporters to not back the appointed candidate of the State Central Committee (who he never mentions by name), Pat Mullins. He also pledges that his “break” from public life will not be a “long sabbatical”. 

Rest assured, this is not the last time we will hear from Jeff Frederick. 

The full text of his e-mail to supporters is after the jump.
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Written by Ryan Nobles

May 4, 2009 at 1:33 pm

Mullins tapped as RPV Chair- Frederick reappears on Twitter

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

The State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Virginia has selected current Louisa County Republican Chairman Pat Mullins as chairman of the state party. Mullins will keep watch over the party until the entire state committee gets the chance to pick a new chair at the end of the month. Mullins is a longtime party insider and at one time served as the Chairman of the Fairfax County GOP before moving Louisa County.

While Mullins could be a candidate to take over the job full time, his election today does not spell the end of Jeff Frederick‘s tenure at the RPV. Frederick who has, for the most part, been quiet since being removed from the post, began posting again on his twitter page. Yes- that same twitter page that was among the many problems that contributed to his demise at the top of the party.

No one seems to sure as to what Frederick’s next move will be. Despite his problems he still enjoys the support of a rabid group of generally conservative Republican members who are no doubt encouraging him to not give up. That support could lead to Frederick submitting his name for election once again as RPV Chair. He could also run again for his seat in the House of Delegates. (His wife Amy announced earlier this week that she will not run for the position).

While few expect Frederick to go away quietly perhaps this post on his twitter feed from today, may lend some insight as to what his next move may be.

@JeffFrederickVAGOP SCC selected new chair; bad move since appt only valid 4 27 days. An attempt to instruct the Convention delegates, once again showing disdain 4 grassroots.

Frederick’s tweet then led to a lively discussion on Facebook, that was compiled by Bearing Drift.

And who says Republicans don’t “do” social media? This fight is far from over.

Meanwhile, Bob McDonnell, the party’s candidate for Governor (who may be suffering the most from this controversy) released a statement on the Mullins appointment. You can read it, in its entirety after the jump..

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Written by Ryan Nobles

May 2, 2009 at 8:29 pm

Frederick removed as Republican Party Chair- Thomas in as interim

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BREAKING NEWS- Republican party of Virginia Chairman Jeff Frederick has been formally removed from his position after a vote of 57-18 from the party’s executive committee. Three quarters of the executive committee was required to remove Frederick, which was 55 votes. Frederick loses his position by only two votes.

We will have more tonight on NBC12 news at 6.  I will also have more updates here and on my twitter feed.


Here is Bob Lewis’ dispatch from the Associated Press with the details:

BC-VA–Virginia Republicans-Frederick,0129
AP Political Writer
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Virginia Republican Party Chairman Jeff Frederick was ousted Saturday after a troubled 10-month tenure capped by devastating losses in last year’s elections.

The state party’s governing central committee voted 57-18 to remove Frederick after key Virginia Republican elected officials and top party leaders called for him to resign or be fired.

The effort to sack the conservative, often combative and sometimes embarrassing state legislator from Prince William came after 58 members of the central committee signed off on a list of 10 charges against him.

The focus of the allegations was his handling of state party finances. Mike Thomas, a leader of the movement to oust Frederick, takes over as interim party chairman, a role he has served three times since 2003.

(Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

**UPDATE** To see our report on NBC12 click here. Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Ryan Nobles

April 4, 2009 at 7:55 pm

Frederick’s Supporters

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fredericksupportersWhile much has been made of the opposition that Jeff Frederick has faced from members of the Republican party, it is worth pointing out that for all the scrutiny he has faced, the chairman still has a loyal and rabid following amongst the RPV’s conservative wing.

That was displayed this morning as 50 or so supporters came bearing signs, cheering on their chairman. They were hoping to swing weary executive committee members that have yet to make a decision.  Many Frederick supporters are concerned that if he is forcefully pushed out, that the conservative voice within the party could become marginalized and ultimately taken for granted.

This could cause problems for gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, who has conservative credentials that are difficult to argue with, but is still attempting to walk a fine line of moderate politics.  Conservative Virginians, by in large support McDonnell, but they are concerned about they way he is flirting with Northern Virgina moderates and liberals whose ideology they despise.  If conservative supporters of Jeff Frederick feel he was given a raw deal, that could force a backlash that could reverberate through the McDonnell campaign.

Of course given the current state of the upcoming election, would conservatives really abandon a pro-life, pro-gun, ant-card check candidate for the state’s highest office? McDonnell has to be a much better choice, given their views than any of the candidates on the Democratic side or an insurgent conservative who would have little to no chance of winning.

After the jump I have video from this morning from Jeff Frederick’s grassroots coordinator John Darden. He explained why he and his fellow conservatives are backing the Chairman.

**UPDATE** Live coverage from Bearing Drift of the Frederick vote will continue again at 4pm. Click here to listen in.

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Written by Ryan Nobles

April 4, 2009 at 7:16 pm

Frederick’s fate awaits today’s vote

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Members of the Republican Party of Virginia’s executive committee are huddled behind closed doors at a hotel in Henrico, discussing the future of embattled Chairman Jeff Frederick. A group of the party’s executive committee believes they have the votes to remove him from the post, but the Chairman is defiant and refuses to step down. Elected members of the party, including their candidate for Governor Bob McDonnell and the entire congressional delegation including local Rep. Eric Cantor have asked him to step down. 

According to various reports, Frederick arrived to a crowd of 50 or so supporters holding signs and displaying their support. He ran into an early problem when one of his supporters proxy votes was ruled invalid. According to Anita Kumar at the Washington Post, 66 of the 77 members were present and 10 sent in proxies. She also reports that both sides came armed with thick briefing books for and against the chairman’s cause. 

Bearing Drift is running a live internet radio broadcast of the proceedings. They just reported that a number of procedural votes have gone against Frederick. They also say that there is little to indicate that Frederick will hold on to his post, but the vote could be closer than some expect. 

We have a crew stopping buy the vote and will have an update tonight on NBC12 at 6. I will also provide updates here and on my twitter feed.

Written by Ryan Nobles

April 4, 2009 at 5:16 pm

Frederick resignation rumors are “not true”

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Ryan Nobles – bio | email

Embattled Republican Party of Virginia chairman Jeff Frederick is now less than a week away from a critical meeting that could decide his fate. Frederick has endured calls for his resignation from the party’s candidate for Governor, It’s entire congressional delegation, the leadership of the State Senate and a good portion of the leadership of the House of Delegates. He has pinned his hopes on an upcoming April 4th meeting where he says he has the votes to survive if a challenge were made to his leadership. 

The conservative blog Bearing Drift is reporting today that Frederick may not make it to that April 4th meeting. They say rumors are swelling that the chairman could step down on Friday, the day before that meeting is set to take place. However, I just heard from the party’s spokesman Gerry Scimeca who told me that those rumors are “absolutely not true”. He went on to say that Frederick has retained counsel to help fight for his position on Saturday. 

While this was all taking place, Frederick and party central continued on as if nothing was wrong. They continued to send out their weekly e-mail alerts and put out press releases announcing speakers to the upcoming RPV convention and congratulating a Republican winner in a local election in Northern Virginia.  Frederick is not acting like he is going anywhere. It appears he is willing to take this fight until the bitter end.

Written by Ryan Nobles

March 30, 2009 at 3:17 pm

House leadership (except Griffith) call for Frederick’s dismissal

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The Associated Press is reporting tonight that three of the top four Republicans in the Virginia House of Delegates are asking the GOP executive committee to remove Jeff Frederick as RPV chairman. Speaker William J. Howell, House Majority Whip M. Kirkland Cox and Samuel Nixon, chairman of the House’s Republican Caucus, have signed a letter asking the embattled chairman be removed from his post.

But Frederick is still clinging to the support of the outspoken majority leader Morgan Griffith who did not sign the letter. Frederick has said he has the votes to survive a vote of the executive committee, which is scheduled for April 4th.

For the record, Frederick has now lost the support of the majority of leadership in both houses of the General Assembly, the party’s nominee for Governor and the Commonwealth’s entire Republican Congressional delegation.

Here is Bob Lewis’ dispatch on this latest development.


AP-VA–Virginia GOP-Frederick,0121

Some House GOP leaders call for Frederick’s ouster

AP Political Writer
RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – The speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates and two other senior House Republicans joined the call to remove state Republican Party chairman Jeff Frederick.

Speaker William J. Howell, House Majority Whip M. Kirkland Cox  and Samuel Nixon, chairman of the House’s Republican Caucus, signed a letter Friday supporting the ouster.
In the letter addressed to members of the state party’s central committee, the three expressed “serious reservations” about how the party would rebound from devastating election losses with Frederick at the helm.

The second-ranking House Republican, Majority Leader Morgan  Griffith, did not sign the letter. Griffith supports Frederick’s  bid to retain his post.

The central committee votes on Frederick’s ouster April 4.

(Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Written by Ryan Nobles

March 16, 2009 at 2:45 am