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Tweets from the ground- Your view of election day

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I asked this morning on my twitter page, for voters to tweet me the scene at their polling place. I am going to post people’s responses to get a view of what Election day is like across Virginia.

I voted around 11:15 at Greenfield Elementary in Chesterfield. At first I thought the scene was abnormally busy because the parking lot was packed:

photoHowever, once my wife and I got inside the wait was not very long at all. I was voter number 628, Karey was 629.


Here are the responses from your tweets- (I will keep updating throughout the day, the latest tweet at the top):

@_KatelynT I didn’t get to vote today because I have H1N1. I feel like I didn’t get to make a difference in the polls.

@g33kgurrl – The eldest & @g33kguy are home. They were voters # 1377 and 1376

@rBrianForrester Voting center empty, no lines @ryanobles http://twitpic.com/o6a36 #nbc12 #RVAvote

@JorgeChazo- I was voter #1208 RT @g33kgurrl @ryanobles Voting in Chesterfield Cty no wait @ CHES I was voter #1280

@g33kgurrl Voting in Chesterfield Cty no wait @ CHES I was voter #1280

@brickworkz Really quick – no line at Short Pump Elem. 3pm today. Took me longer to park (which was also really fast!)

@bradyrick And yes I did vote this morning…in at 9:30, out at 9:31…#nbc12

@bonostph voter turnout was kinda light in warsaw va, but then again i went @ an offpeak time though(3pm).

@jbeatz615 It wasn’t crowded at all. I was expecting to be there for at least 30 minutes but the whole thing only took 10

@ErinEMurphy Voting for me went by quick! No one in there at all. I was number 148 at my precinct! #nbc12 #VaGov

@_moveon no line at 3 chopt elem around 2:30

@drinlow Voted early afternoon in west end. I was number 477. Not very busy but lots of Republican signs.

@VisartsRichmond American Legion on Cutshaw in #rva: dozen or so voters, mostly seniors, no waiting. Also: hand sanitizer.

@virginiadem Fredericksburg polls … much higher than expected voter turnout …. local Commonwealth’s Attorney race seems to be the reason

@Sarvay I see a brown bear staring at me. Oh, wait, wrong story.

@Kari_Bear Just voted in Chesterfield. I was number 462. No line, no wait. Rockin my “I Voted” sticker now 🙂

@smcq Just voted @ the Humphrey Calder Community Center on Thompson Street – Museum District. Piece of cake…no lines! #rvavote

@eblackstock This really is your Christmas, isn’t it?

@wahoobeaver Looking right now at a 10-20% turnout in parts of Southside VA for City of Emporia and Greensville County

@LauraPocketDem I will be voting this afternoon, but both my parents voted earlier at Byrd, which had meager turnout.

@rakul_nitescar Just voted @ Locust Creek (Louisa) maybe half dozen voters there at noon.

@SallyWitzky Stopped in at NASH on Ironbridge Road about an hour ago. No wait. Very polite. In and out in a jiffy.

@collinwagner voter number 843. Deeds table but no MCD. Mostly Deeds signs, also. 5 other voters present.

@mtnews Negative campaigning made clear I support their opponent’s values.

@rvabusiness– Voted at Seminary & Walton in the city @ 10:30. Steady but slow stream of voters. #rvavote

@Lulupayne no line and beautiful skies in Studley 🙂

@dellsells pretty quiet scene at the polls in Northside. Just 2 dems passing out flyers.#vagov #rva

@GarrenShipley Roughly 350 voted in Strasburg at 9:30 this morning. Not presidential turnout, but brisk for this GOP stronghold. #VaGov

@HokieEm Just voted in Western Hanover @PHHS. So far a very good turnout. I was voter #643 at 10:55am. Looking good for Republicans!

@BonnieNeighbour Walked I’m and out, no waiting, at Woodland Heights Baptist church. Voter number 215 at 10:45am #VaGov #RVA

@robbmajor Yes, I voted. At my polling place I saw people voting. And people outside trying to tell me to vote for various candidates.

@Joseph_Taylor the lone democrat flew the coop

@ivathediva I saw NOTHING at my polling place (Franklin St Lib). It was completely empty.

@Napkins I was at Falling Creek ES @ 7:15. Poll workers outnumbered voters by about 4 to 1. Volunteers for both Reps and Dems outside.

@Joseph_Taylor one dem HoD volunteer that doesn’t support Deeds-Wagner-Shannon. 3 repubs vols. Steady turnout in suburban/rural PWC precinct

@WxDan I was #38 at JR Tucker HS around 8am. No lines, and zero volunteers from either side working outside.

@wonderchook Tag Greason our local R delegate candidate out shaking hands, beyond that almost everyone over the age of 70 #vagov

@eddiRVA Around 8:15am at Mary Munford ES in Richmond there were no lines – was in and out in 5 minutes. I was #102.

@suze4405 lot of poll workers not many voters at mary munford school.

Written by Ryan Nobles

November 3, 2009 at 11:25 am

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NBC12 comprehensive election day coverage

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We are very excited about what we have planned for tonight on NBC12. I truly believe that we will have the most comprehensive coverage of this important election, of any media outlet in Virginia.

It started this morning on 12 News Today. Our Call 12 lines were staffed by members of the League of Women Voters. They answered your questions about the voting process, who was on the ballot, if you are registered and where to go to cast your vote.

Today starting on First at 4, we will have a complete look at the election scene. We’ll show you pictures of both candidates voting in their home precints, have updates from polling locations and anaylsis from our political expert Dan Palazzolo.

Then at 7pm, right as the polls close, we will have an Election special, hosted by Curt Autry and Sabrina Squire. We will have live reports from both campaign headquarters. Tara Morgan will be with the Republicans and Bob McDonnell, Andy Jenks with the Democrats and Creigh Deeds. We will also have reporters covering the races for Lt. Governor and Attorney General as well as Rachel DePompa who will keep a close eye on the City Council election in Richmond.

Also at 7, I will moderate an in-depth discussion on what the race means with Dan Palazzolo and two of Virginia’s most influential political bloggers, Ben Tribbett of NotLarrySabato and Norm Leahy of Tertium Quids.

We will also begin a liveblog at 7 on NBC12.com – that I will moderate, and be joined by Ben, Norm and Dan with your comments on the action.


From 8pm on we will go back to regular programming, but will break back in, should a winner be declared or a victory/concession speech is about to be made.

Finally at 11pm– We will have a complete wrap of the day’s events and preview what Virginia can expect from it’s new elected leaders.

Plus, I will have frequent updates right here on DecisionVirginia.com

It should be a great day. Go and Vote!



Written by Ryan Nobles

November 3, 2009 at 11:12 am