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Warner helps Kaine unveil economic plan

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Former Governor Tim Kaine has been a candidate for the U.S. Senate for exactly one year.  It was a job that he took on a bit reluctantly, but has since attacked with vigour.

In a race that is expected to be a titanic struggle between two of Virginia’s most prominent politicians, Kaine appears willing to do whatever it takes to give himself the advantage. One of those advantages is his old running mate, Senator Mark Warner. Warner consistently polls as one of Virginia’s most popular elected officials and seems ready and willing to help keep both U.S. Senate seats in the hands of democrats.

But while, Warner helps Kaine draw crowds, and potentially TV cameras that might not be their otherwise, it was the candidate that had to sell the message. Kaine focused his remarks at various stops in Virginia on his plan for the economy. A broad plan, based on three basic tenants of job growth, strengthening the talent pool and building a balanced budget while bringing civil discourse to Washington.

Kaine’s most prominent Republican opponent George Allen wondered what took the former governor so long to release his plan.

“It took a year, but Chairman Tim Kaine has finally put on paper what Virginia families already knew,” said Allen campaign manager Mike Thomas.  “He (Kaine) wants to raise taxes on families and small businesses.”

The Allen campaign once again hammered home Kaine’s connection to President Barack Obama and specifically his support of the stimulus plan and health care reform.

For his part, Kaine countered that attacks like those are exactly what Washington, D.C. needs less of.

“It’s all about balance, civility and working together,” he said during an interview at an event at Maggie Walker Governor’s School in Richmond. “You know restoring the traditions of let’s find ways to work together.”

It was a sentiment that Warner echoed. Warner who has tried, with little success, to find bi-partisan partners in Washington said Kaine has the type of personality that will bring people together.

“People are pretty frustrated with congress at this point,” said Warner.  “They want us to get stuff done. Tim Kaine will get up there and get stuff done.”

An extended clip from Kaine and Warner at Maggie Walker Governor’s School can be found below:

Allen’s campaign released his economic plan “A Blueprint for America’s Future” last year.

More on Kaine’s plan can be found after the jump:



Richmond, VA – Tim Kaine released his economic agenda today as he embarked on a two-week tour of Virginia. The roadmap includes strategic initiatives to grow businesses and encourage job creation, develop a talented workforce, and balance the budget by finding common ground on spending cuts as well as investments that will generate new revenue.
“As the global competition increases, we must act now to equip businesses with the tools they need to create jobs, develop a strong and talented workforce, and address our fiscal challenges by finding common ground,” said Governor Kaine. “We can no longer let politics get in the way of what’s best for our economy and this vision lays out a roadmap for our future economic success.”
U.S. Senator Mark Warner will join Kaine today to discuss: Infrastructure development strategies for increasing exports at the Port of Virginia in Norfolk, small business growth and access to capital at a business in Northern Virginia, and using a balanced approach to allow for strategic investment in education with teachers and parents at Richmond’s Maggie Walker Governor’s School.
Kaine’s vision for our economic future includes three key initiatives:

Grow Business, Grow Jobs: Kaine believes targeted investments and policies can support our businesses and spur job creation by increasing access to capital, and leveling the playing field by addressing an unfair tax code that is over burdensome for small businesses. In addition, strategic investments in infrastructure are critical to ensuring our roads, airports, port, and railways are able to support Virginia in a global economy. During Kaine’s term as Governor, Virginia was named the Best State for Business four years in a row and through his work, Virginia attracted companies to the Commonwealth including Meadwestvaco, Hilton, CSC, SAIC, and VW of North America.
Build a Talent Economy: In order to develop the most talented workforce in the world, Kaine states we need a long-term policy that supports investments and smart reform in education, from early development like Pre-K to higher education and workforce development. Kaine supports policies that increase college affordability and elevate the importance of career and technical education. During Kaine’s term as Governor, he passed the largest higher education construction bond package in Virginia history and expanded pre-K enrollment by nearly 40 percent.
Balanced Budget, Balanced Politics: In order to close the federal deficit and pay down the national debt, Kaine recommends a balanced approach that would raise revenues by closing lobbyist-driven loopholes and allowing tax cuts for the wealthiest American to expire, while making strategic cuts. As Governor, Kaine cut more than $5 billion in state spending and reduced the size of the general fund, but left room for important investments in areas like education that were critical for future growth. 
To view the full economic plan, click here.


Written by Ryan Nobles

April 4, 2012 at 10:50 pm

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